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Working principle of spray tower

Origin:Hefan    Hit:    Time:2020-03-16

        How the spray tower treats the exhaust gas, the spray method to treat the exhaust gas is usually called wet exhaust gas treatment. Due to the characteristics of the liquid, the components in the exhaust gas can be captured, precipitated, dissolved, and removed. Therefore, it is widely used in various exhaust gas treatment. And separation and recovery of useful ingredients.
        The spray tower is an important component equipment for implementing the spraying method to treat exhaust gas or recover raw materials, so it is also called a water washing tower, a washing tower, and a purification tower. According to the type of exhaust gas and the spray liquid, it can be divided into water spray, acid spray tower, alkali spray tower, oil spray tower, water film dust / wet dust collector; according to the shape, it can also be divided into vertical washing tower, Horizontal polyester tower; PP washing tower, FRP washing tower, etc. according to material.
    Spray tower is the simplest equipment for industrial dust removal or waste gas treatment.It has a simple structure, low cost, small gas pressure drop, and will not block.
       The working principle of the spray tower can be divided into three types of forward flow, counter current and wrong flow. The most commonly used is countercurrent spray hair: acidic or alkaline acid mist exhaust gas is introduced into the purification tower from the air duct, passes through the filler, the exhaust gas is sent from the bottom of the tower, and is distributed countercurrently with the sodium hydroxide absorption liquid after being distributed by the gas distribution device. Continuously through the voids of the filler layer. On the surface of the filler, the two phases of gas and liquid are fully in contact with the absorption and neutralization reaction to adsorb the acidic or alkaline pollutants contained in the exhaust gas. After the acid mist exhaust gas has been purified, it is dewatered and defogged by a demister plate, and the clean gas is discharged from the fan into the atmosphere. The absorption liquid is sprayed down in the tower after being pressurized by a pump at the bottom of the tower, and finally returned to the tower bottom for recycling.
       The exhaust gas is collected in advance through the air collection hood, and the exhaust gas is continuously sent to the purification equipment under the action of the fan, and then the ventilation pipe is used to transport the exhaust gas to the spray tower of the system, and the gas passes through the spray tower. The spray washing process of the acidic lotion (alkaline lotion), the gas components that are liable to generate bad odors contained in the exhaust gas are fully contacted with the acidic (alkaline) water mist and mixed, and a neutralization reaction occurs to form a better gas. Liquid two intersect and sum. The sprayed water mist then forms a treatment layer with a large porous contact surface in the packing layer in the washing tower to further treat the organic waste gas.
       After the water mist passes through the filler layer, all the water is returned to the box in the bottom of the washing tower for recycling. An automatic stirring and dosing system is installed outside the washing. Carry out the function of adding chemical solution automatically to keep the neutralizing solution in a certain acidic (alkaline) state, and it will not cause the unevenness of the waste gas to cause the deviation of the neutralizing solution or the phenomenon of leakage treatment. The exhaust gas passes through the packing layer from bottom to top, and the circulating absorbent is evenly sprayed into the packing layer from the top of the tower through the liquid distributor, flows downward along the surface of the packing layer, and enters the circulating water tank. Due to the continuous contact between the top ten gases and the descending absorbent in the packing, the concentration of the fluid in the updraft is getting lower and lower, and the discharge requirements are reached at the top of the tower.

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