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Product description
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Product introduction
The sewage purification and separation equipment consists of three parts: inclined tube sedimentation tank, syrup mixing tank and filter press.

①-inclined tube sedimentation tank、 ②-pneumatic double diaphragm pump、  ③-sewage pump、④-drug mixing tank、
⑤-filter press、⑥-electromagnetic valve、⑦-electric contact pressure gauge 1.6MPa、  ⑧-2 butterfly valve、
⑨-Connection line、 ⑩-2.5 elbow、⑪-Bellows、⑫-Sewage water inlet、  
⑬-Water outlet、 ⑭-Water purification overflow、⑮-Sludge discharge、 ⑯-Maintenance port。
一:Inclined tube sedimentation tank:
1:Product number:HF-XG-2V
2:Overall structure using materials:304
3:Overall volume=2m³(The sewage volume is 1.6m³ the purified water volume is 0.4m³)
4:The chemical reaction time of the sewage in the inclined tube sedimentation tank is controlled between 30 and 60 minutes.。
5:Inclined tube aperture (inclined slanting distance) is 80mm, length 1m, inclined tube inclination 60°。
二:Potion tank
1:Overall structure using materials:304
2:Composition: box, mixer(0.37KW)、Metering pumps(0.48L/H)
3:Volume 100L
4:The inlet water of the sewage inlet of the inclined pipe sedimentation tank is synchronized with the dosing of the metering pump。
5:Dosage ratio: 30% polyaluminum chloride powder is used in this equipment, and the recommended dosage of the mixing tank is 15% of the muddy water. According to the 3% ratio of the mud water of each manufacturer, according to the actual situation. User-defined).
Three: Filter Press:
1: Product model: XMY3/500U
2: X---box
3: M---Mingflow
4: Y---Hydraulic:
5: U--- indicates that the filter plate material is polypropylene.
6: Filter plate size, 500*500*50:
7:p indicates the filter area, 3m²
8: Filter medium: filter cloth.
The company's filter press has five major components: the frame part, the filter part, the hydraulic part, the unloading device and the electrical control system.

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